St Andrews University Library, Special Collections Department

Repository code: GB 0227
Address: North Street, St Andrews, Fife
Postcode: KY16 8RU
Telephone: 01334 462339
Fax: 01334 462282
Enquiries: Keeper of Rare Books / Keeper of Manuscripts and Muniments
Strengths: The Special Collections Department of St Andrews University Library houses the Library's manuscripts, early and rare books, photographic collection and the muniments collection (non-current records of the institution). Missionary-related holdings (both archival and printed) relate to the St Andrews University Missionary Society, and include all of the Society's minutes, and periodicals.
Mundus collections: 3
Access conditions: Access is free to all bona fide researchers.
Prior notice is advised though not essential.
Identification is required.
The Special Collections Reading Room includes microfilm readers and printers, and points for laptops.
Photocopying is carried out by, and at the descretion of, library staff.
Opening hours: Term time: Monday to Thursday 09.00-18.00, Friday 09.00-17.00, Saturday 09.00-12.30.
Vacation: Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00.