National Library of Wales

Repository code: GB 0210
Address: Penglais Hill, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion
Postcode: SY23 3BU
Telephone: 01970 632800
Fax: 01970 632883
Enquiries: Keeper of Manuscripts and Records

The Archives Collection of the National Library of Wales echoes the aims of the Library as whole to reflect Wales and the Welsh people throughout the world. Accordingly it includes public records, industrial archives, ecclesiastical archives, political archives, manorial records, the archives of individuals and institutions, and the archives of landed families and estates with such Welsh connections. The missionary elements of the Archive Collection feature the archives of the Foreign Mission of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, and personal papers of Calvinistic Methodist, Baptist and Quaker missionaries, amongst others.

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Monday - Friday 09.30-18.00, Saturday 09.30-17.00. Closed for the first full week of October.