The Mundus Gateway is a web-based guide to more than four hundred collections of overseas missionary materials held in the United Kingdom. These materials, comprising the archives of British missionary societies, collections of personal papers, printed matter, photographs, other visual materials and artefacts, are held in a large number of libraries, record offices and other institutions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The Mundus Gateway makes it easier for researchers to locate these collections and obtain sufficient information about their contents to enable effective planning of research visits.

The web-guide contains a collection-level description of each collection including valuable background information and a summary of contents. There is a facility for freetext searches as well as searches by personal names, organization names, place-names and subjects. Clickable maps are supplied to assist with geographical searches. The Mundus Gateway contains full access and location details of each holding institution.

The Links page contains links to useful web sites in the British Isles, Continental Europe and the wider world while the Gallery provides a snapshot of the extensive range of visual materials to be found in many missionary collections.

Descriptions are still being added and amended so please visit the site regularly.