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Edinburgh University Library: Barlow, Arthur Ruffell

The collection consists of material about the Church of Scotland mission in Kenya, about Kikuyu language and culture, and about the interests and conc...


Edinburgh University Library: Grieve, George A.

The collection consists of: correspondence and papers (1910-1952) relating mainly to Grieve's arrival in Kenya, his appointment as head of the Allianc...


Edinburgh University Library: MacAlpine, Alexander Gillon

The papers consist of biographical notes on African and missionary colleagues...


Edinburgh University Library: MacBrair's Grammar of the Foolah Language

Bound autograph manuscript of MacBrair's 'sketch' of the grammar of the Foolah (or Foulah) language spoken by the pastoral Foulahs (or Fulani), the Te...


Edinburgh University Library: Scott, David Clement

The collection consists of nineteen letters from Scott to his close friend the Reverend James Robertson written mainly from Blantyre, Nyasaland (Malaw...


Edinburgh University New College Library: Calabar Mission

The collection consists of: an English Calabar dictionary by William Anderson (1849-1851)...


Edinburgh University New College Library: Glen, William

The volume contains a treatise on Tartar-Turkish grammar [c 1830] with some pages which have been used at a later date for newspapers cuttings (1865-1...


Edinburgh University New College Library: Laws, Robert

The papers consist of: diaries describing Laws' life as a missionary (1873, 1878-84, 1894, 1905)...


Edinburgh University New College Library: Moffat, Robert

The collection consists of four letters from Moffat (c 1841, 1873-1875) referring to engagements and to payment for 'Scripture Lessons'...