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Bodleian Library - Special Collections: Cambridge Mission to Delhi

Records of the Cambridge Mission to Delhi, 1873-1969, covering the work in Delhi and support for the Mission in Britain and Ireland.
Committee min...


British and Foreign Bible Society's Library, Cambridge University Library: British and Foreign Bible Society

The archives of the BFBS focus primarily on Bible translation, printing, and distribution. In 1804 some portion of the Bible had been published in 67 ...


British Library, Asia Pacific and Africa Collections, India Office Private Papers: Women's Christian Colleges in Madras

The Collection consists chiefly of the archives of the Collegesí British Boards, with latterly a few papers reflecting the activities of the Friends....


School of Oriental and African Studies Library: Women's Work of the Methodist Missionary Society

Records, 1858-1955, of the Women's Work of the Methodist Missionary Society and (before 1932) the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society, including min...