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Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society

Church Missionary Society Archive

Church Missionary Society Unofficial Papers

Diaries and photograph albums of Miss Edith Baring-Gould

Diaries of Dr Max Warren

Hausa Band correspondence and papers

Letters and diaries of Nancy Corby

Letters and photographs of Miss Emilie Stroelin

Letters from Archdeacon Corrie of Calcutta

Letters, journals and other papers of Frances Dennis

Missionary Leaves Association

Moule MSS

Papers and photographs of Miss Mary Ellen Brighty

Papers collected by Rev. Canon R. W. Howard for projected life of Bishop Christopher B. R. Sargent

Papers of Agnes Lees

Papers of Alexander Mackay

Papers of Archdeacon A. Shaw of the Southern Sudan

Papers of Archdeacon Owen

Papers of Archdeacon T. J. Dennis

Papers of Archibald Downes Shaw

Papers of Arthur Le Feuvre

Papers of Augustus Henry Lash

Papers of Bishop Llewellyn Henry Gwynne

Papers of Canon Charles Shaw and his wife, Lilian Shaw

Papers of Eleanor Harrison

Papers of Eliza Vachell Hope

Papers of G. E. Moule

Papers of James Frederick Schon

Papers of Katherine Tristram

Papers of Miss Eliza Orme

Papers of Miss Emily Ruth Spriggs

Papers of Miss Jane Elizabeth Chadwick

Papers of Miss Lilian Bull

Papers of Miss Lorna Bowden

Papers of Miss Mary T. Myers

Papers of Morris Gelsthorpe

Papers of Rev. A. B. Fisher

Papers of Rev A. E. Richardson

Papers of Rev. and Mrs. S. Hobbs and of Rev. and Mrs. H. Maundrell, CMS missionaries

Papers of Rev. Harold Brelsford Lewin

Papers of Rev. Henry John Lane-Smith

Papers of Rev. Henry Townsend

Papers of Rev. William Arthur Crabtree

Papers of Richard Alexander Whiteside and Susanna Elizabeth Whiteside

Papers of the Havergal family

Papers of the Mid-Africa Ministry

Papers of the Uganda Ladies' Working Party, Blackburn, Lancashire

Papers of Vivyan Henry Donnithorne

Papers of Walter Richard Samuel Miller

Records of the Bishop Tugwell Diocesan Fund

Records of the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society

Records of the CMS Lay Worker's Union for London

Records of the Eclectic Society of London

Records of the Loochoo Naval Mission

Records of the Society for Promoting Female Education in the East

Research papers of Gordon Hewitt

Schon MSS

Spriggs, Emily Ruth

Tucker MSS

Venn MSS

Walker MSS

Wilmot Brooke MSS