School of Oriental and African Studies Library

Anderson, Sir James Norman Dalrymple

Anti-Slavery Papers

Aylward, Gladys

Bach, Thomas and Lucy

Badger, Henry

Baldwin, Arthur

Balmer, William Turnbull

Banks Photograph Collection

Bargery, George Percival

Baron, Richard

Beckingsale, Laura Elsie

Beighton, Thomas and Abigail

Broadbent, Samuel

Broomhall, Anthony James

Brown, William Thomas

Butler, Marguerite Lucy

Calvert, James

Cameron, James

Campbell, John

Carpenter, John Baker

China Inland Mission (Overseas Missionary Fellowship)

        China Inland Mission: Chefoo School and the Chefoo Schools Association Papers

        China Inland Mission: James Hudson Taylor's Papers

Churches of Christ Missionary Committee

Clements, Marjorie

Collins, Walter

Conference of British Missionary Societies

Cornaby, William Arthur

Council for World Mission Archive

        Commonwealth Missionary Society

        London Missionary Society

Council for World Mission Library

Cousins, (Ethel) Constance

Cox, Josiah

Crabtree, William Arthur

Crisp, Henry

Dann, Janet

Earthy, Emily Dora

Fairley, Robert and Margaret

Fidler, William

Findlay, William Hare

Francis, Rev David Lloyd

Freeman, Thomas Birch

Geller, Wilson Herbert and Mabel Love

Godfrey, Emily

Goodyer, Samuel

Gray, S Douglas

Guthrie, Malcolm

Hake, Andrew

Hardyman, James Trenchard

Harman, Dr Douglas and Mrs Gladys

Helmore, Holloway

Hill, David

Holmes, John Henry

Hoole, Elijah

Hope-Bell. Elspeth

Hughes, Mary Dorothea

Inkster, Robert

International Committee on Christian Literature for Africa (Christian Literature Bureau for Africa)

International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies

        International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies: Africa

        International Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies: India

Interserve England and Wales

Japan Evangelistic Band (Japan Christian Link)

Jerusalem Christians Correspondence

John, Griffith

Kemp, John Theodosius Van Der

Lebanon Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders

Legge Family Papers

Legge, James

Lenwood, Frank

Liberty, Eric and Edith

Livingstone, David

Lockhart, William (papers)

Lockhart, William (transcripts and biography)

Lomas, Elizabeth

London Missionary Society in Siberia

Lucas, Edith M

Luddington, William Broadbent

Ludhiana Medical College

Mackenzie, John

Madagascar missions

Mann, Ebenezer John and Mabel

Martin, J

Massey, Ruth

Mather, Percy Cunningham

McKenzie, Thomas John and Nella J.

Medical Services Ministries

Meech, Samuel Evans

Melanesian Mission

Methodist Missionary Society Library

Milledge, James Sibree

Millman, William

Moffat, Robert

Moore, Rev Reginald John Beagarie

Morrison, Robert

Morrison, Robert (transcripts)

Mylne, Clement Noble

Newell, James Edward

Nobbs, George Hunn

Nutt, William Harwood

Palmer, Samuel and Sarah

Parsons Family

Pearce, Reginald Frederick George

Philip, John

Pollard, Samuel

Pollard, Samuel (Kendall papers)

Posnett, Charles Walker and Early, Charles Gordon

Pratt, Benjamin

Presbyterian Church Of England Foreign Missions Committee

        Presbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee Women's Missionary Association

Rawcliffe, Rt Rev Derek Alec

Richards, Charles Granston

Ridge, William Sheldon and Frances

Roberts Memorial Hospital photographs

Sabin, Margaret Katherine

Sabin, Richard Henry and Mary Gladstone

Sandilands, Alexander and Doris

Saville, Alfred Thomas

Scott Family (North China and Shantung Mission)

Scott, Harry

Seager, Rev Cecil Edward

Sewell, William Gawan

Shaw, Mabel

Sibree Family Papers

Sibree, James

Singh, Sadhu Sundar

Slessor, Mary Mitchell

Smith, Edwin

Somervell, Theodore Howard

Soothill, William Edward

South African General Missionary Conference

South African Missionary Museum

Spicer, Eva Dykes

Stallybrass, Edward and Sarah

Stallybrass, Edward

Stanton, Hannah

Stephenson, Gladys

Taylor, Frederick Howard

Taylor, William Ernest

Thomas, John

Thompson, Ralph Wardlaw

Thomson, John Boden and Elizabeth

Timmermans, Glenn Henry

Tippet, Charlotte

Tocher, Rev Forbes Scott

Turpie, Roger

Undy, Harry

United Society For Christian Literature (Religious Tract Society)

        Christian Literature Society for India (and Africa) (Christian Vernacular Education Society for India)

        United Society for Christian Literature (Scotland) and predecessors

Wareham, Harold Edgar and Rebecca Purves

Warren, W H

Waterworth, William Garfield

(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society / Methodist Church Overseas Division Archive

        Primitive Methodist Missionary Society

        United Methodist Missionary Society

        Women's Work of the Methodist Missionary Society

Williams, John

Willoughby, William Charles

Withers, Henrietta

Zambia missions